Allergy Elimination

There are two main methods for treating allergies at the Acupuncture Wellness Center. One way is with Traditional Chinese Medicine, using acupuncture or acupressure and herbs. Nutrition can also be a factor that is looked at. Allergy Elimination is a specific method using Muscle Testing or Kinesiology to assess the patient’s reaction to various substances and then a combination of acupressure, EFT, and Acupuncture to clear the person’s reaction to the allergen. This method follows the principles of homeopathy.  The treatment is done while the person holds a vial containing the substance or “essence” of the substance. Sometimes this method is called Allergy Deprogramming. It can be done without the acupuncture for those who do not wish to have needles.  This method can be used for airborne, food, or chemical allergies. In some cases, an allergy can be eliminated in a single session. A more severe allergy may take several sessions.