Cynthia’s Testimonials

“I have been using the Acupuncture Wellness Center for years now. Cynthia is the best and I would recommend her for both massage and acupuncture!” 
~ Donna M.

“I was relieved to discover that Cynthia does allergy treatments, including food allergies. I was allergic to eggs and since being treated, no longer get foggy headed from eating them. I have several times received successful acupuncture treatments for pain from her. Cynthia has extensive training in treating many different maladies.” ~ Becky W.

“I had been to two different acupuncturists and my doctor in San Diego for ear pain. During a visit to Flagstaff I made an appointment with Cynthia and she fixed my ear in one session. I had lived with it for two months and am so grateful to her for helping me. If you need someone to get to the root go see Cynthia.” ~Mari F

“I have struggled with 4 different types of migraines, including vestibular migraines for over 20 years. I have been debilitated to the point where I was off work on disability for extended periods of time. I sought help from an ENT and 4 different neurologists, including specialists at Loma Linda Medical Center and Barrows Neurological Institute. While I received some relief from their treatments, I still struggled to get through each day at work. It wasn’t until I started receiving acupuncture from Cynthia Hull that I have finally gotten my life back. After 2 visits I noticed some improvement, and now I am able to get through work easily without symptoms. I was quickly able to spread out my visits and I am still doing well.  Cynthia was not only able to work on my vertigo and migraines, but also addressed any other health issues I had in order to balance my whole body to improve my total well-being. I don’t know how it works, I just know that it does and Cynthia is an expert at it.  Thank you, Cynthia for improving my quality of life to make life worth living!” ~  J.McNeil, RNC

“Cynthia has treated me with acupuncture and massage for several years.  It has tremendously lessened the pain and managed the symptoms of fibromyalgia.”
S. Scott

“Cynthia helped me tremendously with curing a sinus infection. I had completed two rounds of antibiotics, had used a Neti-Pot (nasal irrigation system) and was still just miserable. A friend referred me to Cynthia for acupuncture and while I was at first skeptical, I am now a true believer in acupuncture administered by a knowledgeable professional and Cynthia is that person.” ~  C. Kiefer