About Cynthia

Cynthia grew up in Falls Church, Virginia and became interested in herbs and diet as a teenager. As a young woman she tried using herbs and juice cleanses for a variety of ailments she experienced. She found that natural herbs and treatments brought her greater success in getting healthy. Later she sought relief from an acupuncturist for an extremely debilitating back strain while visiting a friend in London. The results were amazing and she continued to see an acupuncturist for various health issues after returning to the United States. Eventually Cynthia decided to go to Acupuncture College so that she could make a career of helping others with Chinese Medicine like she herself had been helped.  She wholeheartedly believes in this nontoxic holistic approach.   Cynthia Hull graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1991, with a Master of Acupuncture Degree. Her training was based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and included Chinese herbology, nutrition and massage as well as acupuncture.   Later Cynthia went through training in Allergy Elimination using homeopathic vials and muscle testing. She also has training in Lypossage, Lymphatic Drainage, and myofascial release After graduating Cynthia moved to Flagstaff, AZ where she set up a private practice in a clinic with other health professionals practicing Naturopathy, Massage therapy and Psychology.  She learned that there is synergy in using multiple alternative modalities in treating an individual’s health needs. She later shared a practice with three psychologists for five years. In this practice she   was able to treat patients with varied psychological issues. She found that Acupuncture was a valuable adjunct treatment to therapy for depression, PTSD, and bi-polar disorder. Cynthia was also able to help veterans with pain and PTSD during this period. In practice for more than 20 years, Cynthia currently owns the Acupuncture & Massage Wellness Center in downtown Flagstaff where she practices Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Allergy Elimination, Lypossage and massage therapy. She consistently continues additional coursework to maintain the most up-to-date training available.  Thus, she provides her clients personalized and individual sessions based on specific needs.

Cynthia Hull


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