Sports Massage 

Sports massage is a form of muscle therapy geared towards athletes. An experienced sports massage therapists has an array of techniques which can help with the effects of strenuous and repetitive movements that are required by intense athletic activities, including those required by the professional athlete.  This therapy can aide in the recovery from injuries and can also prevent injuries from occurring by increasing blood flow and flexibility.  

Sports massage is now generally recognized by the training industry as an important component to the athlete’s overall regimen of training and competition. 

Some of the Benefits of Sports Massage: 

  • Increasing Range of Motion and Flexibility
  • Shortening Recovery Time from Exercise or Competition
  •  Helps to Eliminate the Waste Products of Uric & Lactic Acid that are produced by exercise
  • Increases the supply of blood & oxygen to the body’s tissues, which is necessary for creating new muscle tissue and increasing strength & stamina
  • Reduces Pain Helps to Relax & clear the Mind