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Tai Chi is a form of mind body exercise that developed in China as early as the 12th century and has become popular worldwide today because of its ability to relieve stress, increase flexibility, and to enhance health. 

Tai Chi involves flowing movements performed with controlled breathing and is sometimes called a form of moving meditation. 

The act of performing smooth exercises with internal focus helps to bring about increased mental clarity and a more relaxed state of being. 

Qi Gong exercises are an integral part of Tai Chi training. Qi gong exercises involve rhythmic breathing along with specific slow movements which enhance a person’s awareness and control of their own energy. Tai chi can generally be considered a form of Qi Gong. 

Tai Chi training also involves movements that open the meridians that are used in the practice of Chinese Medicine with acupuncture or herbs.

Because this is a low impact form of exercise Tai Chi can be suitable for people of most ages and fitness levels. 

According to the Mayo Clinic some of the benefits of tai chi could include: Decreased stress, anxiety and depression Improved mood Improved aerobic capacity Increased energy and stamina Improved flexibility, balance and agility Improved sleep Enhanced immunity Help lower blood pressure Improve joint pain Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure Improve overall well-being Reduce risk of falls in older adults.

Mike Hippard LMT, has been practicing Tai Chi for 35 years and teaching for more than 20 years.  He teaches Yang style tai chi, and teaches other styles of Kung Fu to private students. 

Tai Chi gift certificates make a great gift for that special someone! Purchase one for yourself & a friend to enjoy participating in something fun & healthy together.  Gift certificates are available for a month or more of classes. See below for an e-mail link to send your certificate request.