Michael's Testimonials

I had severe neck pain after preventing my 90 year old mother from falling when I grabbed and held her upright until I could get her safely stabilized.  The pain was sharp and I felt as though I was being stabbed in the neck with a knife. Michael worked on my neck for about 40 minutes and I walked out of the Acupuncture and Massage Wellness Center with no pain and no more headache.  Thank you Michael!  CLK

"Michael Hippard is a master of massage therapy! His treatment has helped me more than anything else I have tried! G.V.

When I experience massage therapy from Michael, I feel that my body receives exactly what it needs on a deep therapeutic level. It always brings relief for my issues with chronic muscle tension caused by long hours of work.  I count on feeling restored and de-stressed when I leave.  ~ Shannon Viera

Michael has helped me with an array of issues over the years.  I always experience significant relief no matter what the issue or injury is.  He has a vast toolbox of techniques and knowledge.  He has used Myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, stretching, Tuina, and some amazing techniques that I found were his own creation.  I have had neck issues for many years resulting from an auto accident and he is the only massage therapist I found who could help me significantly with those issues, including recovery from a double cervical fusion. No matter what your age or issue I would highly recommend Michael..
He's the best! ~ Cynthia

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